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When will my order be shipped?

The date specified on the order confirmation refers to the shipping date from Indexator

Can I replace my current rotator with a rotator from Indexator?

Yes, you can. However, we need to know the area of application, dimensions and capacity of your current rotator in order to find the right replacement. Contact rotator@indexator.com for more information.

How do I find out which rotator I have?

The serial number is engraved on the rotator along with a decal that shows the rotator model. In the event these marking are no longer present or are hard to read, send an e-mail to rotator@indexator.com specifying the rotators serial number. See PDF for location. For rotators older than 2012 see this PDF for location.

I know the serial number, but how can I find out the model?

Send an e-mail specifying the serial number to rotator@indexator.com and we will check it in our register.

What does the term G mean?

A G-rotator is a grapple rotator with two functions, both a rotation and a grapple function. It is purpose-built for our MPB brake.

What does the term H mean?

An H-rotator is a Harvester rotator that only has a rotator function. It is purpose-built for our MPB brake.

What does the term GV mean?

GV is the Swedish abbreviation for "Grapple Rotator" and means that the rotator has two functions, both a rotation and a grapple function (grapple open and grapple close).

What does the term AV mean?

AV is the Swedish abbreviation for "Harvester Rotator". AV models only have a rotation function.

Can I convert my GV-rotator to a G-rotator?

No. GV and G have a different design and structure, so the parts do not match.

What is a skidder rotator?

A rotator (Indexator's SR-models) purpose-built for skidders

What does the term A mean?

The model only has axial connections for "Grapple open" and "Grapple close" in the lower part of the rotator.

What does the term BC mean?

The model is purpose-built for hydraulic control of MPB brake.

What does the term C mean?

The model has an extra duct that runs through the entire rotator that is purpose-built for central lubrication.

What does the term K mean?

The model has a 4 bolt layout with cc 140 mm and 4 bolts in the mounting plate.

What does the term LS mean?

The model is purpose-built for load sense and has no flow limitation (no restrictors installed).

What does the term Y mean?

The model has a special hose guard purpose-built for the use of links/swing dampers with protected hose routing.

How do I find the rotators serial number?

The serial number is positioned on the processed section of the lower stator, below any hose and hydraulic connection shielding. 

Ses this pdf for more information.

What tightening torque should I use when adjusting the brake blocks?

The maximum tightening torque is 30 Nm. For MPB, 60 Nm applies.

How often should I clean my MPB brake?

In order to extend the service life of the brake, we recommend cleaning every 600 operating hours.

What does the term BC mean?

The model is purpose-built for hydraulic control of the MPB brake.

Why should a hose swivel be used?

When a hydraulic hose is twisted just 10°, its service life is shortened by up to 90%.


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