About us

Indexator is a world-leading manufacturer of rotators and now sells to more than 40 markets all over the world. 

We work actively with social issues and have created a positive working environment where everyone has the opportunity to develop. We invest significant resources in product development and work closely with the world's leading manufacturers of base machines and equipment, including for forestry, material handling, recycling and transport. We have concentrated all our knowledge, resources and experience in our development and production facility in Vindeln, approximately 45 minutes northwest of Umeå, Sweden.

Quality is an important guiding principle for us at Indexator Rotator Systems. With our leading-edge expertise, experience and modern production facilities, we can guarantee that every constituent component and the finished product achieve a high level of quality. All our products are individually tested to ensure that we always supply reliable, precision-made products. Below are a few examples of why our customers all over the world feel secure and satisfied with products from Indexator Rotator Systems.


Advancing development and quality

The strong family tradition in the company has created a long-term focus when it comes to product development. Indexator Rotator Systems has worked in a targeted manner to produce safe, durable, strong products.


High-quality production facility

To satisfy the stringent demands for quality, flexibility and delivery reliability, we have invested in an ultra-modern production facility in Vindeln, where all our production takes place. The company works with modern production technology, including the advanced FMS system (Flexible Machine System) for the efficient supply of materials.


World-class research and development

Our test lab, spread over three floors, ensures the durability and efficiency of our products. Using advanced measurement equipment, it is possible to test real-life, tough working conditions. International machine manufacturers turn to us to develop new products or functions, often on the basis of a specific requirement specification. Our material experts, designers and production technicians work side by side. This fact, and our proximity to full-scale test-operation facilities, create applied research in the literal sense, where results are immediately put into practice.


Ultra-modern, automated production

The FMS facility is an automated storage and retrieval system that, using a robotic crane and an integrated computer system, supplies materials to the processing machines. This generates a flexible production system with regard to retooling, capacity and processes. To ensure the quality of the complex designs, we work exclusively in advanced 3D-CAD.


Strong brand and worldwide sales

Indexator Rotator Systems is now an extremely strong brand within the forestry industry all over the world. We have taken this long experience and applied it to the material handling and recycling sectors. Our products are characterised by leading-edge expertise within both design as well as materials engineering and manufacture.

Indexator now have about 100 employees. A high proportion of our sales go to export, with around 80 per cent of production being sold to more than 40 markets around the world.

Our philosophy

Indexator Rotator Systems AB's company philosophy is a shared view of how our operation should be run.

Service & Support

We are there for you, so that you can get answers to all types of questions relating to our products.

Service & support

Extended K100 program

The K100 is a series of swivels based on a unique combination of tried-and-tested technology and great flexibility.

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