XR is taking further market shares in forests and recycling, among others

17 December 2019

The XR rotators are reliable partners in areas where the requirements for rotator functionality are very high. Examples of these are in forestry, timber handling, material handling, scrap sorting, demolition and at recycling stations.

The reception of XR has been very good and Indexator are continuously working on further development of the program. 

With its well-dimensioned hydraulic connections and extremely high torque, the XR series is a broad product range for demanding applications. XR is designed for excavators and the most major applications. All of the models in the series have modular designs that make them service friendly and flexible. The engine and swivel are integrated and the unique, patented transmission insulates the engine and swivel from external loads, which means long service life.

XR is a multi-sized modular system that can be offered with more functionality such as extra channels, electric swivel, oil distributor, fixation points and hose protection. The XR program is already available in a number of sizes with lifting capacities between 9-85 tonnes depending on application, use and assembly.

The XR rotators are constructed to handle forces from very large loads. Regardless of whether forces are at right angles or come from the same direction, the XR rotators are extremely durable, powerful and enjoy long service lives. They have higher torque than all other solutions and can withstand high flows with very low pressure drops. The result is performance that exceeds requirements for even the heaviest jobs.

The XR rotators perform independently of any climate and can handle the most extreme conditions of cold, heat and underwater.

Thanks to the XR-series' patented design and the floating power transmission, external forces acting on the bearings do not affect engine and swivel inside the XR rotator.

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